Kenneth A. Barlow Jr.

As a Florida Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist, I have the practical skill, knowledge, and experience to give you the expert defense you deserve. I am dedicated to my client’s defense. Remember, ONLY Board Certified lawyers can describe themselves as an “Expert” in an area of law!

When you are charged with a crime, your lawyer’s trial experience, knowledge, and qualifications can be the deciding factor in your successful defense.

I have 27+ years of courtroom experience; 9 and a half years as a Prosecutor, 12+ years as a defense lawyer, and 6 years service as a FORMER County Judge (January 6, 2009 to January 5, 2015).

As a Florida Bar Association Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist, my unique qualifications, experience, and trial skills are your best offense in mounting your legal defense.

For potential clients not familiar with Florida Bar Board Certification or Board Certified lawyers, please visit The Florida Bar website to learn more about this special and advanced certification.

Initial Consultation is free of charge. Payment terms / options are negotiable.

Legal Resume:

  • Law Firm of Ken Barlow, Jr., Birmingham, Alabama
  • Law Firm of Daniel Ciener, P.A., Merritt Island, Florida
  • State’s Attorney’s Office, 9th Circuit, Orlando/Kissimmee, Florida
  • Jaeger & Blankner, P.A., Orlando, Florida
  • County Judge, Orange County, FL, Jan. 6, 2009 – Jan. 5, 2015
  • Partner, KATZ & PHILLIPS, P.A., Orlando, Florida
  • Law Firm of Ken A. Barlow, Jr., P.A., Orlando, Florida

Synopsis of Experience:

Ken Barlow, Jr. began the practice of law in Birminham, Alabama in 1989, by opening his own General Practice Firm. He handled both civil and criminal matters in State and Federal Courts, including Family law cases.

In mid-1990, Ken took advantage of an opportunity to relocate to the Central Florida area when he accepted employment with the criminal defense Law Firm of Ciener & Eisenmenger, P.A., which later became the Law Firm of Daniel Ciener, P.A.. At this firm, Ken honed his skills at legal research and learned the ins and outs of Motion practice in criminal cases, and assisted with felony and misdemeanor criminal trials.

On July 1, 1991, Ken became an Assistant State’s Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit, a position he held for roughly nine and a half years. As a Prosecutor, Ken handled everything from misdemeanor cases like DUI cases, battery cases, and marijuana possession, to felony cases such as violent crimes, sex crimes, felony drug trafficking and possession, arson, and others. From the very beginning, Ken has been a trial lawyer in the Courtroom, and his time as Prosecutor was no different; at the State Attorney’s Office, Ken served in Felony Court, the Sex Crimes Division, the Intake/Bad Checks Division, the Misdemeanor Division, including DUI cases, and oversaw Extradition matters.

After nine and a half years as a Prosecutor, Ken joined the Criminal Defense Firm of Jaeger & Blankner, P.A., where he honed his jury selection and jury trial skills. It was during his eight year tenure at Jaeger & Blankner that Ken began to excel at trial work, and became a Florida Bar Association Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer. At Jaeger & Blankner, Ken defended clients charged with a variety of misdemeanors and felonies, with at least 50 percent of his defense practice involving defending Drivers charged with DUI, contesting Driver’s License Administrative Suspensions, and routinely heading into Court to conduct jury trials.

As a result of his success, Ken was encouraged by several prominent lawyers to run for County Judge in 2008. Surprising many, he won election to the County Bench and served one six year term with distinction. During his tenure on the bench, he presided over jury trials in criminal cases, including DUI, Battery, Theft, Drugs, etcetera, as well as other judicial duties. Ken’s judicial term ended January 5, 2015.

Upon leaving the Bench on January 5, 2015, Ken A. Barlow, Jr. re-entered private practice, opening his new law firm on January 17, 2015 with the founding of the Law Firm of Ken A. Barlow, Jr., P.A.. Beginning in May 2016, Ken A. Barlow, Jr. joined forces with Associated Attorneys.